All About The Bollywood Dance Style

bollywood dance style

Bollywood dance is definitely in vogue at the moment. It’s very interesting and fun to perform and relatively easy to learn. And above all it can be whatever you wish it to be as long as you choose the right teacher and studio. Bollywood dance form has a host of other dance forms such as modern, tap, contemporary, kiddie and a whole bunch of others.

Think Of Traditional Indian Folk Dance 

Dance Style

The best way to describe Bollywood dance style is to try and think of traditional Indian folk dance as an evolved version of Bollywood dancing style. There are certain similarities – for example folk dances would use their own sets of folk music and instruments as well as a repertoire of choreography and movements. However, Bollywood dancing style is more stylistic than anything else and tends towards contemporary rather than traditional.

Let’s look at some common characteristics of this kind of dance. Bollywood dance classes will normally start with tai chi or aerobics exercises. This is because they are mostly performed on stage. Then the dancer will move into simple body movements and choreography. These complex dance sequences are then followed by even more complex choreography. Typical music is played throughout, but the main theme is heavy metal and reggae.

Know About Kathak Folk

Dance Style

The best example of this is the ongoing Bollywood dance style known as Kathak Folk. Kathak Folk is performed by male and female dancers who sing and dance traditional Kathak numbers. The theme of the dance numbers is based on various aspects of local tradition in India such as fairytale, love story and so on. They are performed mostly in Hindi languages, so you need to have a basic knowledge of Hindi to understand them. The audience will enjoy the unusual atmosphere and the choreography very much.

Other Traditional Elements Of Classical Indian Dance Styles

Kathak dance numbers also tend to feature other traditional elements of classical Indian dance styles. For example, most of them will incorporate the ornate tapestry elements. Tapestries have been used extensively in Indian films since the 1930s. They are considered to be a beautiful blend of Indian art and miniatures. Nowadays, many people are able to appreciate tapestries due to their modern look.

Another common feature is the use of elaborate costumes. The dancer in Bollywood dance style is usually required to wear a very frilly and bright outfit. This costume will usually cover the entire body, with pleats on the skirt. On top of this will be a heavy headdress made from silk and velvet. The men folk will wear long kurtas with the lower part of the garment being full.

Last Words

The main thing about the Bollywood dance form is that it has always been popular. It has transcended borders, crossed social and ethnic lines, and is loved by a massive majority of people from all ages and backgrounds. There are many stories of love and passion that you will hear in the Indian films, and every movie that is made depicts one or the other of these emotions. The dance moves in the movies are truly amazing, and the music adds to the emotions of the film. When you watch a movie, you should try not to forget the dance moves, as this will help you remember them easily. The dance moves are simple enough that even a child can follow them easily, and this is what makes them such a hit with the viewers.

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