All you need to know about Fire Style Bomb Blast Dance -

All you need to know about Fire Style Bomb Blast Dance

fire style bomb blast dance

It is a kind of fusion jutsu in which a person mixes Sharingan with fire style to set a whirlwind of flaming design to burn and damage the target. Fire style bomb blast dance is a kind of secret technique that was employed in the shinobi stickers to be used as a part of season 1 pass. Fire style bomb blast stickers provide a spiral of fire which is available for 3 seconds in a diagonally upward position which can damage 75% of the objects which are inside the blast range. Fire style bomb blast dance stickers are best suited for battles If bases where you need to blast the allied forces. In this, you move forward by blasting away the bases which try to take away your base. We are listing down three common and very popular kinds of fire-style bomb blast dance stickers.

Great Fire Annihilation: Fire release-

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Uchiha is a type of fire-style bomb blast dance sticker. Chakra is mixed inside the body which gets converted into fire and is released from the mouth. The technique is extremely difficult to contain. It is a rank B technique and consists of a range between short to mid. This technique is used by Madara Uchiha.

Great Fire Destruction: Fire release-

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Chakra is kneaded inside the body of the user and it is expelled from his mouth in the form of huge blazing flames which can set ablaze a large tract of the area and will help you to engulf the target in a spiral sea of engulfing flames. The confined area can greatly increase the possibility of incineration of the target when it is used upon large tracts of combustible for dense in fields such as a dense forest. This technique uses a single spot to maximize its power on the target and to destroy it completely unlike the great fire Annihilation release which used to focus on a widespread area.

It belongs to all ranges and its user is Madara Uchiha.

Great Fireball Technique: Fire Release-

This is a technique in which Chakra is mixed inside your body and it is expelled from the mouth either in the form of an orb or a continuous flame thrower. By controlling the volume of Chakra the scope of the attack is changed. A crater will be left on the ground after the released flames have engulfed the target. As a coming of age ritual, the Uchiha clan used to use this technique. It is the C rank technique containing many ranges. It is used by many users such as Madara Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha, etc.


We have listed down three different kinds of fire-style bomb blast dance stickers to help you out in making the best choice. There are two more kinds of fire-style jutsu stickers, stay tuned!

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