Bollywood Belly Dance And Other New Dance Concept To Learn About -

Bollywood Belly Dance And Other New Dance Concept To Learn About

bollywood belly dance

Belly dance is already a popular art form all over the world and recently with actors in the Bollywood industry focusing on this dance form, a completely new category of Bollywood belly dance has emerged. Now, there was recently a gap between a few numbers when it comes to belly dance but with Actress Nora Fatehi’s hit songs, she has brought back the craze of the same.

Start With Nora Fatehi

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We have to start with Nora Fateh if we are going to talk about belly dance especially in the Bollywood industry because she is one of the top artists in the same. This actress has brought back grace to the Bollywood films about belly dance and she has also become an epitome of flawless moves starting from her dance number in Dilbar to recent album songs. She has been showcasing her talent and it has come to a point where her screen presence adds value to the song and her Grace brings a lot of fans along. There were a few Bollywood actresses who flaunted the dance moves and tried to Nail the art.

Basic Belly Dance

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When it comes to belly dance, it is about the grace and boldness you should exhibit and the person has to be confident about their body moves to showcase a properly to the audience. For this very reason, people have started preferring belly dance already. For most of us, we only know belly dance as a dance form that originated in Egyptian as an Arabic dance. But you will also be surprised to know that the dance was performed by both genders at the Palace during the Ottoman Empire.

Other Bollywood Actors

If you are a fan of Bollywood cinema you would know actress Helen. She started the whole idea of belly dance and people enjoyed her song in the iconic film Sholay. The song went on to become a huge head just like the movie. Then, we have Mallika Sherawat working on the belly dance in one of the popular songs Mayya Mayya in Guru movie. While the performance of the lead actors was loved by the audience, the song become hugely popular and was seen to be played in several colleges and cultural programs. It still has the craze that Mallika Sherawat brought under the choreography of Ms. Brinda.

In the list, we have one of the unexpected actresses – Rani Mukerji. Though the movie in which she performed the Bellydance did not necessarily perform well in the box office, her dance in most of the songs was usually loved by her fans. Aga Bai is one of the unforgettable songs from the movie with catchy lyrics and beautiful belly dance moves from one of the beautiful actresses in the industry.


If you think this dance move is something you can ace, you should definitely learn it. With the exercises given to you when you start belly dancing, you will be able to move your body in a flexible manner and it also acts as a flexibility workout and you will be able to move your body freely with some grace.

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