Choosing Bollywood Dance Clothing for Formal Events

bollywood dance clothing

Bollywood dance clothing has evolved over the decades into a style that can be worn by men and women both. It is a fusion of Indian design and western styling. The traditional pants called the lehenga are still used as a primary ensemble, but the designs have evolved to include more traditional styles. The lehenga is often adorned with gold or silver thread work. Some dancers carry two pieces of the same lehenga, worn together in a back and forth motion to give the illusion of free flowing moves.

An Overview

Another type of traditional Bollywood dance clothing is the salwar. This dress comes in a variety of shades, usually ranging from a bright red to a dark blue. The fabric is heavy and thick, with zari and other colors frequently used to compliment the patterns. Typically these dresses begin with a blouse and then continue with lehenga or pants. In addition, many dancers select a head scarf or head turban to complete the look. Other accessories include silver or gold jewelry and a sari or salwar.

The lehenga has also been updated to include a longer skirt. Most current Bollywood dance clothing is available for women of all sizes, though the sizing is often very large. A popular choice is a long floor length skirt with intricate details on the skirt. Other options include a short and ankle-length style known as a Badshah, which is popular among younger women.

Bollywood Dance Clothing For Formal Events

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The most common piece of Bollywood dance clothing, outside of the lehenga, is the salwar. Worn by both men and women, this outfit is designed to drape the body with beautiful folds. The modern salwar is much different than the traditional design; it is shorter in length and much more streamlined. Many of the designs feature intricate embroidery, elaborate designs, and lavish textures and colors.

The traditional Indian garment known as the choli is also an essential part of any Indian dance costume. Typically a knee length dress with a frilly skirt, the choli can be further embellished with various stones, colorful embroidery, and elaborate designs. In addition to the traditional cool, contemporary dance costumes feature other styles such as the scooped trouser, which incorporates a skirt that flares at the knees, or the designer track skirts that are full length and have beautiful beading at the edges. For a more stripped down look, traditional Indian costumes feature the plain trouser, but designers have certainly given us some interesting alternatives. These include heavily embellished lehengas with zardosi work and floral patterns, and brightly colored lehengas with eye-catching ruffles and prints.

The traditional saree has always been a favorite amongst Indian women, especially those who are associated with Bollywood dance. The area is typically a long, floor-length dress with intricate embroidery, gold thread, and other decorative features. However, in the last few years there has been a resurgence in interest in this classic Indian dance clothing. New design concepts have emerged, and designers are now creating sarees with geometric patterns, flower motifs, and even complex motifs in beadwork.

Bottom Line

Many designers have released lines of Bollywood dance clothing that will appeal to every type of style. Whether you are interested in street wear, traditional evening wear, or modern party wear, there are plenty of options available. By choosing the right Bollywood dance costume from the right designer, you can enhance your performance and look incredible at the same time!

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