Different Types Of Contemporary Dance Costumes

contemporary dance costumes

Contemporary dance is a form of dance style developed during the mid-twentieth century. It has since become one of the dominant genres for formally trained dancers worldwide, with extreme popularity in the U.S. and Europe. Contemporary dance costumes are of many types which are made according to the dance type. Here are the trends we predict will be shaping dance team performances-

The Romantic Looks

These pieces feature feminine quality with plenty of lace fabrics, scallop edges, sheer flowing layers, and sequin and rhinestone appliques. Soft and jewel tones like dusty rose, burgundy, navy, and purple orchid rule this style! It can mostly be liked by many.

Open Front Skirts

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If the only romantic look is not working with you, you can go for the open skirt look with the romantic dress. Skirts are tempting and super comfy too. An optimal fabric for creating a trail of elegance as the skirt flows with your every movement. You can quickly wear a half skirt with a simple leotard.

Modern And Minimal

The simple, clean, and minimalist aesthetic is gaining popularity over the former trend of heavily rhinestoned and appliqued costumes. This look has two different ways one is modern and loose like ivory and charcoal looks and streamlined and fitted like the black Dance Arts Centre leotard below. Simple fabrics are suitable for this style of the costume.


In the stage shows we have time to see these costumes. They rock the stage very well, using strong style lines and mesh insets to add interest.

Modest Briefs

We are continuing the minimal trend with briefs with crop tops. There is always a modest cut on the leg for the super comforts and stay at the place while dancing.

Mesh Insets

monochromatic look that isn’t lacking in interest. Try mesh insets. The subtle contrasts in fabric texture create a sophisticated and modern look, mainly when combined with the leotard and brief minimal trends.

Sheer Maxi Skirts

Grace is an essential element in lyrical dancing. Long and full skirts are the perfect accessory.

Sheer layers add a compelling drama and emphasize a seamless flow from one movement to another. Further, the mesh is the perfect material that lets you flow freely while you dance.

Neutrals And Blush Pink

These colors are in trend for now. Blush Pink! This soft color includes a combination of pale pink with subtle beige. Now it is the perfect combination of neutral color with a hint of color.


This look is upgraded from hair to toe. It has a fresh twist with a subtle color gradation at the skirt hem – perfect for a soft lyrical look!  

Low, Open Backs

There is a spin of open backs, strappy back costumes, and a completely bare and open back trend. Stunning and straightforward, and it forms a statement costume. 

Final Words 

You can also mix them according to their comfort by open slit skirts, open back, strappy sleeves, or leotards. You can rock everything with confidence.

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