Know These Popular Dance Moves That Are Globally Known And Practiced

popular dance moves

Once in a life, one should always practice certain moves that increase the swagger and make you happy from the inside. It does not matter at all if you are giving a particular classic performance or you are going to a party to bust the stage – both are cool, and these popular dance moves are much cooler. You can jive on any song with these particular and popular dance moves.

To get a high level of entertainment and to feel like you are at the top of the world, there’s nothing better than trying these popular dance moves, leaving an impact on the audience as well.  

8 Popular Dance Moves That One Should Try

The Robot

For hip hop lovers, these can be the best and popular dance moves that they should try. Even when someone doesn’t know how to dance – this robot dance is enough to make others laugh and to even show bad footwork. 


A teddy bear wearing a hat

The 90s people, this is your turn to be the in-charge and let people know that you are upgrading yourself. This dance move was popular during the Harlem ballroom scene in the late 1960s. Here, you need to practice and follow certain movements of the wrist and also manage the footwork. You can just pose and hit some popular dance moves of your own. 

The Moonwalk

The only name that comes to your mind after reading the word is the moonwalk! We know it’s the king of pop – the only and our Micheal Jackson. The shocking truth is that if you know that Michela Jackson invented the moonwalk, you are wrong. The believable fact is that his version of the moonwalk was quite awesome, and no one can perfect the step like him. 

The Dougie

A group named Cali Swag District released the song “Teach Me How To Dougie,” occupying the move and the song itself. Since then, people are so crazy about this move and want to learn more about it day by day.

The Twist

The twist, the twist, the twist! We know that you have always wanted to do a twist on a specific dance song and want to jive your way throughout. People can easily recognize this classical and popular dance move, and it is not that hard to perform the same. 

The Floss

Floss – an extraordinary trend that was and still is performed by many people on the internet. You may have seen the tik-talks and Instagram reels, in which people are putting up this stuff and letting people know their way of enjoying life. 

A Final Thought 

There are many such popular dance moves like single ladies and the Carlton – two of many others. It has become very easy to make yourself accustomed to these moves, and you can even practice these popular dance moves while working or doing any chore. 

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