Types of Ballroom Dances A Beginners Guide to Learning 5 Popular Styles of Ballroom Dancing

types of ballroom dances

There are several different types of ballroom dances out there, all of which can give you fun and excitement in the dance. Some ballroom dances will require some sort of fast moving music that requires quick movements and requires quick, hard moves, resulting in the entire performance lasting a shorter amount of time. At other times, a slow ballroom dance will require slower music yet the dancer makes large, lengthy moves, creating a much longer dance experience. However, all ballroom dances take time to perform and, as such, you need to prepare for each type of dance.

When it comes to dancing, most people think of classical dances, such as the tango and the waltz. These types of dances have been around for many years and are very familiar to people of all ages. However, with today’s modern technology, some are giving this ancient art form a modern twist, making it more appealing to today’s younger generation. One example of this is the hip-hop dance. Hip hop dancing looks great and is extremely funky and modern, taking the art form to a new level.

Range Of Other Types Of Dances

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Other types of dances can range from easy, graceful exercises to fast-paced and energetic performances. For the less skilled, aerobics may be a good choice, especially if you are trying to burn calories and lose weight. Aerobics is a popular choice and is usually performed at local gyms. It can be done by either group or individuals. This dance can also be very fun, allowing the participants to forget about the fact they are dancing!

Ballroom dancing has many variations, but the most common among these varieties is American style. American smooth, which was inspired by European elegance, is the first dance performed in the United States. It is often performed as the main entry song in wedding ceremonies, along with other classic ballroom dances such as salsa, meringue, French maid and the like. You don’t need a special costume; however, you do need an appropriate partner.


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Another type of dance that you may have heard of is international style. It originated in England and is similar to the latin version of the American smooth, except it is performed in English. Like American style, international style is usually performed as the first dance in weddings or other events. Like salsa, it requires partnering and the music must be in English.

The last of the five common ballroom dances is the European tradition. It is commonly performed around the world and has been a popular choice for many years. It is also known as EFL, or the English fluently. The only difference between the American version and the European version of the American tradition is that in the former, the costumes are more traditional attire and in the latter, they are more modern.

Types Of Ballroom Dances

There are many different types of ballroom dances out there; some of them you may have already heard of. If not, there are many of these dances featured on television shows like Dancing with the Stars and Miley Cyrus’ My So-Called Life. It is likely that you will also have seen several of these shows and enjoyed watching them at least once in the past, but if you are going to learn ballroom dancing you might as well learn the basics.

These five types of ballroom dances are just a few of the many available styles out there. Every type of dance style is different and unique in its own way.

Final Verdict

Just remember to choose one that you enjoy. That way you will be more likely to enjoy it and really get into it.

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