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Waltz Of The Flowers: A Discussion In Brief

Waltz Of The Flowers: A Discussion In Brief

Traditional dances have been an integral part of society. Every country has its traditional dances, which forms the root of its culture. Basically, dance is a tradition that depicts the life of the people living in that society or is related to the rituals they perform. For instance, the Samba is the traditional dance of Brazil, Flamenco of Spain, Dragon Dance of China, Viennese Waltz of Austria, Haka of New Zealand, Bharat Natyam of South India, etc. These are some of the popular traditional dance forms of various countries. Here, we will be discussing the Waltz of the Flowers, which is a piece of orchestral music in the form of ballet.

 Waltz Of The Flowers: A Discussion In Brief
Waltz Of The Flowers: A Discussion In Brief

About The Composer

Tchaikovsky was a Russian composer who was born on May 7, 1840. He was known for his ballets Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, and The Sleeping Beauty. When Tchaikovsky was just five years old, he took piano lessons. His work was firstly performed in the year 1865, and in the same year, one of his works, The Voyevoda, made its way to the Opera.  


Waltz of the Flowers reminisces one of Walt Disney movie Fantasia, one of the animated movies from Hollywood’s famed production unit. The Waltz of the flowers is a piece of music by Tchaikovsky for a ballet, The Nutcracker, which is the tale of a fictional character, a Christmas toy with the Nutcracker, defeating the evil mouse king and taking the queen friend to the magical land filled with dolls. E.F.A Hoffmann wrote the story. 

 Waltz of dance ballet composition was a classical exhibition of the story in a two-act ballet, one a flashback of the Nutcracker and other the battle. 


Waltz of the Flowers uses seventy-two instruments. Three flutes, bass clarinet, two clarinets, three oboes, two trumpets, three trombones, two bassoons, four horns, tuba, timpani, percussion, harp, strings are the instruments for playing the Waltz of the Flower

 Waltz Of The Flowers: A Discussion In Brief
Waltz Of The Flowers: A Discussion In Brief


The music is in the Jazz genre, very much epitomizing the joy and hope of Christmas celebrations. It became a regular feature in ballad companies in Europe during Christmas Eve. Ivanov beautifully choreographed the dance form of this ballad with the art form synchronizing with the music composition.

The Nutcracker suite had many compositions. Still, the Waltz of the Flowers gained prominence because of its form. It combines the rustic, characterized by loud trumpets and drums with classical music of the piano.

Waltz of the Flowers found its way into Christmas parties all across the globe and became a spectacle.

The composition expressed a gamut of human emotions with instruments playing with different modulations. Celesta, a musical instrument made from idiophone and keyboard and similar to the piano in appearance, used to render vibrating music. It was a pioneering effort that catapulted piano into the limelight of orchestra. The Waltz of the Flowers is in the D key of piano and played at the tempo 129 BPM. 

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