What Are The New Bollywood Dance Songs From 2020

new bollywood dance songs

Jamming over the new beats from the Bollywood numbers is that fun-packed time that will help you sort out the upcoming party. After deciding on the menu, it is time to learn what’s new in the chart to count for the birthday bash you are planning to host. Or selecting the groove charts for the house party is also very important. So what are the recent tracks that won the billions out there-

Starting The Countdown With Garmi

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The track belongs to the movie ABCD’s third installment Street Dancer. Well, the moment the song was launched it took the mob with a storm. The amazing composition along with the superb choreography made it a hit. The song features Nora Fatehi and Varun Dhawan and they exhibit mind-blowing chemistry with groovy unique dance steps. 

The Next is Genda Phool In The  Bollywood Dance Songs

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The origin of the song dates back to several years back and was composed by Ratan Kahar prepared to make the Bengali Festival Durga Puja great. However, the 2020 version is explicitly remade by Badshah which also took the crowd with its mind-blowing slow beats and peppy dance moves. The song features both Jaqueline Fernanadaze and Badshah. The lyrics are cool which makes you memorize the content effortlessly and humm even today in 2021.

The Third In The List Is Muqabla

Well, every Indian millennial loves the song and was in the tongue of every kid back when the original song came out which was during 1994. It was one of the great songs that marked its presence with interesting tunes and amazing choreography and music video. Well, on that, the composer remade the song back in 2020 for the movie Street Dancer and again became a hit. The new version has Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor exhibiting their skill in dancing wonderfully. 

The Fourth In The New Bollywood Dance Song From 2020 Is Illegal Weapon 2.0

Another great dance number that elegantly shows, how the actress Shraddha Kapoor is a talented dancer is this song. Along with her, the side dancers are some of the qualified artists too, who stole the video brilliantly.  Yes, the track is great to dance that has the power to transform the boring ambiance with vibrant beats.  Again a song from Street Dancer. 

The Fifth Is The Dus Bahane 2.0 

Again a collection from the memories of the millennial hearts. The original song came out in the early 2000 and stole every kid’s heart with its interesting fun-filled composition. Thus came the remix version with some changes here and there, but still holds the magic. The video features Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor and is from the movie Baghi 3. 

Concluding With The Honorable Mentions

Well, let us take a quick look at the other finest choices of new Bollywood dance songs from 2020-

  • Goa Beach
  • Gallan Kardi
  • Laddi Lahore Di
  • Haan Mein Galt
  • Ole Ole 2.0

Well, the list is huge, however, let us stop here. These are the renowned options that are sure going to make your motive fun and pretty engrossing. While you run your fingers through the options mentioned, you will definitely get a hold on numerous tracks of new Bollywood dance songs. You will definitely have a blast. 

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