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Will Hiphop Dance Styles Ever Rule The World

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Hip-hops, also known as breakdancing, is a fusion of dance styles which includes choreography using a number of moves commonly seen in breakdancing such as spins, acrobatic jumps, figure eights, and breakages. It is normally performed in rap, hip-hop, soft ball, jazz, ballet and other forms of modern dance. The term “breaks” (in quotes) refers to the dancing sequence of turns and twists, pivoting and back and forth between the two partners. Hip-hops can be performed as a single sequence of footwork or can be broken into segments which alternate footwork, turns and rotations between the two partners. In most cases it consists of four beats which are repeated between the two dancers.

They used to perform at parties and clubs called “rooftops”. It was then discovered that by combining some gymnastics moves with breakdancing moves they could create a new dance. This combination became the first ever hip-hop breakdancing style.

The Breakdancer’s Move

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The breakdancer’s move is characterized by fast, energetic dancing with sudden, sometimes awkward, jerky movements. The performers will often break their dance in mid-air and continue with the sequence of footwork while touching the ground. They will do this by pressing their feet against the ground. The first few steps are often done by locking the front of the body with the elbow and the back of the body with the palm. As the dancer moves further along the floor the hips will shift to lock the shoulders and the hands will come down and touch the legs.

In its early days breakdancing had many different components. It was common to see elements of jazz, breakdancing, pop and modern choreography. A popular element of the dancing is the sudden jarring or bouncing of the feet which is commonly known as the “snap”. There is also what is called a “kokasi” which is an abrupt jump from one foot to another.

The Chronic

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This was then popularized by crews such as the Chronic, the Message and crews like the Roots. Around this same time there was the birth of hip-hop dancing. Some of the pioneers were poets and some of them were street artists. These artists incorporated the breakdancing moves into their own type of freestyle dancing. In fact, many of the first recorded hip-hop songs contained elements of breakdancing.

The reason this dance style became so popular was because it was unique and had a number of elements that set it apart from other forms of dancing at the time. Another thing that made it unique is that it mixed aspects of jazz with hip-hop dance. The hip-hop dance genre was taken over by crews such as the Chronic, who played a lot of soul music, along with rap and big beats. Other groups such as the Message, who were originally from Texas, incorporated breaking and popping into their music as well.

The Metronome

One other common feature of this dance form is the use of the metronome. It was widely used in this movement. The reason for this is that it added a sense of syncopation to the rhythm. This is where the dancers would add in breaks and variations to the rhythm with the metronome. This was done using a sliding technique called the umbrella term.

In the first season of Beezid, many of the dancers on the shows were either unknown or not particularly well known. However, many of them had gained a reputation because of the innovative dance moves they could put together.

Final Words

Many of the performers began to move in to become more choreographers and choreographic performers. Some of these moves were such a success that some artists went on to choreograph their own dance shows. Others took their skills and took them to the next level by going onto TV. Beezid became a very popular dance program, and the first season produced some incredible results.

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